Zufall Health Center

Training a New Generation of Advocates

[Read Story] NICHQ-led collaboratives have helped Zufall Health Center find that small tests of change lead to an improved process for providing patient education and patient empowerment.

Dr. Man Wai Ng

Preventing Tooth Decay in Children Through Quality Improvement

[Read Story] With an increase in sugary drink options, the practice of offering juice at bedtime, less fluoride exposure and other changes, tooth decay rates in children under the age of 5 have jumped in recent years. To help remedy this problem, quality improvement initiatives are underway to make sure young children get screened—and referred—for preventive oral health care.

Care Teams Better Support Patients Pediatric Practices

Care Teams Better Support Patients, Pediatric Practices

[Read Story] Pediatric practices in NICHQ’s CHIPRA Massachusetts Medical Home Project, have been working to establish care teams within their practices to better support coordinated care.

Ziva Mann and her family

"Why I Participate" by Parent Partner Ziva Mann

[Read Story] Ziva Mann, an advocate and mother of a child with hemophilia, discusses the importance of a medical home and how partnering with care providers helped a practice improve.

This flip chart from Boston Children’s Hospital Primary Care Center teaches families techniques for good dental hygiene.

Dental Care Takes on New Role in Traditional Medical Care Settings

[Read Story] Many general and specialty medical clinics for treating children and young adults are putting an increased value on oral healthcare. The focus is having a positive effect on patient outcomes across the health spectrum.

The Seven “R”s to Transforming a Medical Practice into a Medical Home

The Seven “R”s to Transforming a Medical Practice into a Medical Home

[Read Story] In this Q&A, advocate and expert Jennifer Lail, MD, talks about what practices can start to do to make the transition to a medical home.

Outgrowing Pediatrics: How Pediatric Medical Homes are Helping Young Adults Make Smooth Transitions to Adult Care

[Read Story] In a pediatric practice, when it comes time for a patient to move on to an adult provider, there are two options: transferring or transitioning. “Transferring a patient to adult medicine is like dropping off an 18-year-old who has never flown in an airplane at the airport and telling him to go to gate 4 in terminal C via a bus, and once he gets to his connecting flight to take the underground bus—maybe it’s red, maybe it’s blue—to terminal 413 and gate 578,” says Sally Faggella, RN, a nurse at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates in Chelmsford, Mass. “It’s overwhelming and his chances of missing the flight are high. Transitioning is the process of giving the young adult the opportunity to walk through this journey in a supportive environment that allows him to test his skills before he has to do it independently.”

Cultural Competency and the Medical Home
[Read Story] At Caring Health Center (CHC) in Springfield, Mass., delivering culturally appropriate healthcare isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.As the only refugee health assessment site in Western Massachusetts and the largest in the state, CHC serves an extremely diverse and constantly changing population of individuals and provides on-site translation services in 19 different languages.

Electronic Medical Records Quicken Services, Reduce Errors and Inform Patients

[Read Story] Many forward-thinking medical practices, including 13 pediatric practices in Massachusetts, are using electronic medical records, or EMRs, to increase efficiency in healthcare and transition to a medical home model. 

How to Help Your Patients Connect with Community Resources

How to Help Your Patients Connect with Community Resources

[Read Story] Many things outside of a doctor’s office can negatively affect health, so building relationships with community organizations can be a huge boon to healthcare practices and their patients. 

The Caring Health Center team at a NICHQ learning session.

"Why I Participate" by Parent Partner Olga Cappas

[Read Story] A mother partner in NICHQ’s medical home project explains her role and path to advocacy to improve healthcare for children with and without special needs (also available in Spanish).

Transitioning Into a Patient-Centered Medical Home

Transitioning Into a Patient-Centered Medical Home

[Read Story] With a year under their belts as part of the CHIPRA Massachusetts Medical Home Initiative, 13 pediatric practices are transforming their offices into patient-centered medical homes.

The Power of Collaboration

The Power of Collaboration

[Read Story] Nurses Sally Faggella and Maria Mignone discuss what it's like helping their respective practices make the transition to family-centered medical homes.

Cristin Lind's Story

Cristin Lind’s Story

[Read Story] When Cristin Lind first assumed the role of care coordinator for her son after he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, she didn't know it would lead to a professional calling in advocacy for children with special healthcare needs.