Spreading Medical Home Transformation

Best practices from the CHIPRA Massachusetts Medical Home Initiative

Through the CHIPRA Massachusetts Medical Home Initiative, 13 pediatric practices worked to transform their practices and successfully implement a medical home model of care. The practices made great strides in improving their systems to provide better care for the children and families they serve.

While the learning collaborative portion of the project has formally ended, the 13 pediatric practices continue with their work to spread system changes within their own practices or within their larger provider organizations. At the same time, NICHQ and the CHIPRA grant team are working to spread the important lessons learned from the project to support other medical practices undergoing medical home transformation.

We invite you to explore this compilation of best practices and pediatric-specific approaches to medical home transformation.

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Toolkit for Engaging Parents

Forward-thinking pediatric practices all over the country are forming patient and family advisory councils. As the “customers” of the practice, patients and families bring experience and expertise that can help enhance service delivery and improve overall quality. NICHQ's Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) toolkit provides step-by-step guidance on how to effectively engage family perspectives in the design of services and to improve overall quality in the delivery of those services.

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