CHIPRA Massachusetts Medical Home Initiative

Status: Active

WHAT: A project to help pediatric practices in Massachusetts successfully implement a medical home model of care.

WHO: The project involves 13 pediatric practices across Massachusetts.

WHEN: February 2010 to May 2015

FUNDER: The project is funded by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services through grant funds issued pursuant to CHIPRA section 401(d), and is in partnership with Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts Health Quality Partners, MassHealth and the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

NICHQ'S ROLE: Lead a Breakthrough Series learning collaborative to apply quality improvement methodology to implementing a medical home model of care. Provide an environment for rapid-cycle testing and the robust exchange of ideas with the support of world-class medical home and quality improvement experts.


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Practice Transformation Facilitator
Practice Transformation Facilitator

Family Engagement Guide
Family Engagement Guide

CHIPRA Medical Home Tool Careplan
NICHQ's Care Plan Template

CHIPRA Medical Home Tool Teamplan
NICHQ's Care Team Role Builder

NICHQ NCQA Crosswalk Course
NCQA - NICHQ Medical Home
Transformation Crosswalk

A Toolkit for Pediatric Practices
A Toolkit for Pediatric Practices

Spreading Medical Home Transformation

Through the CHIPRA Massachusetts Medical Home Initiative, 13 pediatric practices worked to transform their practices and successfully implement a medical home model of care. Explore a compilation of best practices and pediatric-specific approaches to medical home transformation created and used by these teams.



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