Topic: Medical Home


Helping Pediatric Practices Become Medical Homes


Our steady efforts to support the model of medical home have led to the development of approaches, measures and tools that have made us a leading organizational resource for pediatric practices striving to become medical homes.

Project Measure Data

The charts below display aggregated data collected from the project teams.

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Here are a handful of our best results from the projects in this topic area.

  • Helped 13 primary care sites in Massachusetts make measurable improvements in comprehensive well care, developmental health, mental and oral health, clinical outcomes, patient safety, care planning, transition to adulthood, efficiency, and medical home transformation.
  • Developed a patient and family advisory council toolkit for widespread use on integrating the family voice in making changes.
  • Established effective models for tracking data to measure improvements in care and outcomes for children and determine priority changes.
  • Helped practices train or hire “practice transformation facilitators” to make improvements.